Let’s Turn These Sketches

Into a real-world project!

Consultant | Topia Amr

1. Smart Exploration

Every idea is uniquely different. We don’t take the same approach with every single idea. We need to explore it in a smart way, to have a conversation with it, to let it speak for itself, to try to understand it.

Consultant | Topia Amr

2. Define the Way

There is like a dozen different ways of doing things… different technologies… different frameworks and languages. Hybrid or Native? So many questions that need to be answered. We do our research, and define the best way for your project to go.

Consultant | Topia Amr

3. Execute

Now we know the truth and the way, and it’s time for our little plan to be in motion. We will give you best guidelines of how things are supposed to end up being and how to keep things maintained in the best way for your business

Why I do it

Helping out?

I believe in that childish dream of building a better tomorrow… a better future. That’s why in the first place I’ve decided to work in tech, to start so many startups, and to be part of many. I’ve tried to be a teacher and I started a “learn how to code” initiative couple of years ago and I’m going to re-launch it soon.


Projects finished and still counting


Mobile Apps Up and running


Startups I’m Helping

Since I was a teenager!

More than 8 year experience in industry

I didn’t work in any of the big companies “The FAANG.” I love to fly solo, but it’s good to have a quiet the network to build amazing things. Trying to expand the network, trying to grow more and to help out more startups and businesses to fly high.

Are you a startup? Let me help!

One of the main challenges in building and starting a business is needing a developer and not having a budget for it. Feel free to contact me, and we can have some coffee and figure out how we can collaborate. I’ve helped startups for free and some others by having a profit share and many others paid me later.

Lets build your dream together!