About Me

Developer. Day Dreamer. A Friend.

This is how I see myself. My real name is Amr Elsaadny, but I’m more known by the name Topia. I believe that I’m here to make a difference in the world we’re living in, and I’m trying to use my skills to do so. I can learn any spoken language in no time and the same goes for programming languages. I also have an analytical mindset. I’ve tried almost everything in the tech world. I have tried game development, web development, mobile apps development, data science, and machine learning. I have some social media experience. I’ve tried it all.

I hope it’s not that obvious that I really like this t-shirt 😂

Anyhow, I’ve also tried to start my own business so many times. I’ve read and took courses about project management, product management, market analysis and research. I even did some crypto trading and mining.

I love Coffee btw! ☕️

I believe in a better tomorrow!